Tuesday, August 2, 2016

We are Self Managing Cyber Citizens because room 15:

  • only use the Internet with adult/parent permission and supervision and we know to ask if we are unsure of how to use any ICT equipment.
  • check with an adult before we give out personal information online
  • use our first name only when publishing work online
  • make sure we keep all passwords a secret
  • take care of all technologies we use by treating equipment with care and respect (no food or drink close by) and tell an adult if anything isn't working or is damaged.
  • do not download any software/apps or subscribe to anything online or via email without adult permission
  • always ask permission from a teacher before using any technology
  • click off a window and tell an adult straight away if we find or see anything online that is inappropriate (rude, racist, obsence) and makes us feel uncomfortable or we know is wrong. We know not to show other students
  • tell an adult straight away if we are being  bullied or attacked personally online
  • search only for appropriate and education related content online
  • check with a teacher before sending any form of communication

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