Thursday, July 28, 2016

Read our exciting recounts

Read some of our great stories from room 15.  Click on the names to open.

Sophia Chan

Monique Lewis
Well done Monique - great story!!!!!!

You lucky girl Sway going to Fiji!!! Loved the fun way you wrote your short staccato sentences.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Term 3

Welcome back room 15. Great to see you all looking so rested, relaxed and getting ready for another fantastic term.  We have a lot on this term, so try really hard to be organised and ready. Each week we will be learning a different song from our production.  This certainly will help our production practises to run smoothly. We will also look at the words of the song and identify spelling rules that we have learnt throughout the year and other vocab related activities.

This week homework is:

1.  Learn all the words for the song "Pot of Gold"

Travel with us on a new adventure,
over the ocean blue.
Follow your heart and your dreams will all come true!
Waiting at the Rainbow's End,
Are treasures all untold,
so chase that rainbow, find your pot of gold!

Sailing away where the wind may take us,
never know what you'll find.

Leave all your cares and your worries far behind!
Magic happens every day, 
Believe what you've been told, 
So chase that rainbow,  find your pot of gold!

We will be singing the tune in groups on Thursday morning, so be prepared to be the best sounding group!! You can't be unless you know the words!!

Answer the following questions from the song:
1. Can you find two words with double consonants from the song (remember they must be together, e.g. paddle. ) Think of three other words (not in the song) that have double consonants.
2. Find a word in the song that has a contraction, e.g. I'll
3. Can you think of  two high  level verbs for the word chase  (you might need to use your dictionary)
4. Identify three nouns in the song
5.  Find a word that has the plural rule, e.g.  drop the y, if there is a consonant before and add ies. Can you think of two other words, (not in the song) where this rule will apply.

2.  Writing:
Write a postcard to the class about one memorable moment of your holiday.

3. Maths
Complete a basic facts sheet. Congratulations to the following students last term who put so much effort into practising their basic facts each week. Well done Alex, Carise, Nicholas, Christian, Elz, Keira H, Keira B, Chloe B, Andrei, Betty, Jefferson.  We can see all the hard work you have put into your basic facts in class.

Things to remember this week:
a. Sports practise tomorrow - bring your sports gear and equipment
b. Spelling test this Thursday.  You just need to practise 15 of your list words.
c. Dot Day this Friday
d. Remember we are running every morning and if it is ok with your parents, can you pop a roll on into your bag.  We look forward to the sumptous aroma wafting through room 15.