Sunday, November 27, 2016


1.  Following on from our artwork which we have been doing in class using pastels, we would like you to now investigate an artist who has also used pastel and write an information report on this person.    Make sure you have written all your important information under the correct sub headings, e.g. back ground, history, training, techniques, well known artworks that they have done.

2.  Spelling test this week - Friday

Reminders for the week - Swimming togs/PE gear for sport/swimming on Tuesday.


  1. Hi Mrs Morrow I'm having a bit of trouble finding information on a pastel artist so I was wondering if it has to be a pastel artist thanks for the help! :)

  2. Me too... Is it ok if they do other art as well as pastel ? Thx

  3. Hi Guys! Found a very helpful site.Just type up 'pastel artists' it will come up with several good artists.