Sunday, November 20, 2016


1.  Spelling - Don't forget our spelling test this Thursday on the list words you spelt wrong today in class.

Choose a particular sculpture that inspired you or fascinated you from our trip to the "Sculpture on the Shore".

Sketch a design of your sculpture and present it to the class. You choose how you would like to present it.  What you include in your report could be:

a. The name of the sculpture
b. Materials it was made out of
c. Price of the sculpture
d. A brief description about the artist, what inspired them to create the design, early career highlights, where they exhibit their work, what they like to work with.
e. Why did YOU choose this particular sculpture??? What does it mean to you????

Look at our example as a guide to help you:

Exclamation Mark, 2016
Deodar cedar, oil sealer, coloured fibre
cement, radiata pine, steel
2700 x 1200 x 800 mm

Making a point? A reminder? A shock? A jolt? A celebration? A congratulation?  A look-at-me? A proclamation? A challenge? A slap? A dig? An inconvenient truth? Make a point!
In his current sculpture practice, John Allen (BCom, MBA) is using timeless symbols to express his inner journey of discovery, facing everything, avoiding nothing and building tension for real change.

John Allen has been working with wood for more than fifty years.  He learned his craft in classes from 1969 to 1986.  For most of his working life, he has been working in strategic planning and governance that he has found enjoyable although he has always felt a deep restlessness.

I chose this particular sculpture because ............................


  1. Mrs Morrow, how did you find the prce of the sculptor

  2. Mrs Morrow, how do you find the price of the price of the sculpture.