Saturday, October 15, 2016

Homework - week 2, Term four.1.  Our big event this term is our Flag Day ceremony. This is your opportunity to apply for the flag that you feel most passionate about. This could be because you were born there, or you have a close connection with this country because you lived there or have been on holiday there.  Click here to see how your letter must be set out.  Note the way Mrs Burns states her reasons why she would like to carry the flag, but if she misses out she has a second request and gives a great reason why she would like to carry the other flag.  Don't leave it too late, or you will be disappointed if you miss out.Click here to see the collection of CPDS flags.

2.  Practise the questions for the PTA Olympic-Athon. Remember, we have the test on the 27th October, week three.


  1. Hey, just asking if we have to do a third letter request for a different flag.

  2. Just one letter Toby, but you can give your three options in the letter.