Sunday, June 26, 2016

Science - Biome in a bag

We were given the following resources
clear cup
resealable storage bag
potting soil
beans or seeds
measuring cup
masking tape

We had to discuss what we would think would happen when we put the potting soil, beans, water inside the resealable storage bag. We knew we would need to put some water into the bag initially, but we had to record our  hypothesis on how we thought the seeds would actually grow inside the resealable storage bag.  We went into our groups and discussed the process that would actually take place inside the bag. After we made our hypothesis, we watched example biomes of how the water cycle works because once the plants are shut in the plastic bags, they will not need to be watered again.


  1. Well done Room 15 ... What stars you are!!!!

  2. So what exciting things are you up to next?

  3. Great work Room 15, How long were the plants in the plastic bag?